FlexiCore Reformer Bands

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Bringing the Studio Experience to You!

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⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ "These bands have become our top choice for achieving a dynamic, full-body resistance workout without the need for bulky, costly equipment or visits to a Pilates studio." - Michelle J., Owner of a Pilates Studio

✔️ Enhance Your Posture & Flexibility

✔️ Enhance Your Balance

✔️ Save on Studio Fees

✔️ Durable—No Snapping Like Other Bands

What Are Reformer Bands?

Reformer Core Bands are Pilates accessories utilized for resistance training.

These bands are fastened to your feet or hands as an alternative to a Reformer machine.

They aid in strengthening and toning muscles, enhancing flexibility and balance, and fostering body awareness.

Perfect for Pilates routines in the comfort of your home or office.

Why Spend THOUSANDS on a Reformer Machine OR Costly Pilates Classes? 🤸‍♂️

Say NO to expensive fabric loop bands that can't match the versatility of our bands!

Gone are the days of investing in bulky machines...

SAVE time on commuting to a studio, fuel costs from driving, and thousands of dollars on a Reformer machine and Pilates membership fees.

Bring the studio experience to your doorstep!

What Sets Our Reformer Bands Apart from a Reformer Machine?

Here's how women worldwide are embracing strength with our Reformer Pilates Bands!

  1. Portability: Reformer Bands are lightweight and portable, enabling workouts anywhere.
  2. Affordability: Reformer Bands are budget-friendly compared to pricey reformer machines.
  3. Versatility: Reformer Bands provide a wide range of exercises, targeting multiple muscle groups for a complete workout.

More Durable Than Ordinary Resistance Bands

Our Reformer Core Bands are crafted from premium, rigorously tested materials, ensuring they won't snap prematurely.

In the unlikely event of breakage within the first 60 days, we'll promptly replace them at no additional charge.

Lightweight and user-friendly, these bands offer convenience and cost-effectiveness, making them the perfect choice for home workouts.

Experience It Risk-Free, 100%

Experience Bondi Pilates with complete confidence for 60 days.

If you don't notice any health improvements or are dissatisfied with your results, simply reach out to our friendly customer support team for a full refund.

BONUS: Order Today & Unlock Our FREE Online Workout Videos + Exercise Chart
Get access to 90 minutes of Full-Body Online Workouts using the Reformer Core Bands ($19.97 Value)

Ordinarily priced at $19.97, our online video workouts + exercise chart are included FREE with every purchase!

Everything you need to maximize your workout potential with our Reformer Core Bands, perfect for kickstarting your new year's resolutions or summer plans!

Discover in the videos:

  • Upper body exercises
  • Lower body routines
  • Correct form and technique guidance
  • Breathwork and posture tips
  • Learn directly from a certified Pilates instructor!

This exclusive offer is valid for today only

Join our growing community of over 11,500 delighted customers!

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ "This travel exercise accessory is fantastic to have handy. I also enjoy using the Pilates Ring as it's easy to pack in my bag. I purchased these reformer bands to complement my stability ball and Pilates workouts. They're well-made, and I'm thrilled with my purchase! A fantastic tool for toning arms and legs!" - Jessie A., Manchester, United Kingdom

What's Included:

  • Bondi Pilates™ Reformer Bands
  • 90-Minute Online Video Workouts (Valued at $19.97) + Online Exercise Chart (Valued at $9.95), both sent to you via email!
  • Lifetime Guarantee

Questions? We've Got Answers!

Do I have to be interested in Pilates to use these bands?
Nope! Our Reformer Core Bands are for everyone. Use them for dynamic stretching or basic movements like bicep curls and squats.

Is the resistance light or heavy?
Light. It's perfect for beginners.

Can I adjust the strength?
Sorry, it's not adjustable.

Can beginners use this item?
Absolutely! Our Bands come with online resources, making them easy to use and perfect for toning your entire body.

What are the shipping times?
UK: 5-13 business days
USA: 5-13 business days
AU: 5-13 business days
CAN: 5-16 business days
NZ: 5-13 business days

All orders come with a tracking number.

Returns Policy:
Within 60 days.

Where do I find the FREE online workout videos + exercise chart?
Check your order confirmation or shipping confirmation emails. They're included automatically.

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